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History of Michigan Vipassana Association

In 2002, a small group of old students from Michigan organized the first 10-day course in Michigan. The group was inspired by the Dr. Bhogilal and Dr. (Mrs.) Kamala Gandhi, who encouraged and supported this endeavor. Before their move to the United States in February 2002, the Gandhis were responsible for conducting and organizing courses held all over Europe for 20 years.

A suitable site was found near Brighton, Michigan. The course was held from 17th to 28th April 2002. Thirty-three new students, five old students and nine full-time dhamma servers attended the course. The course was conducted by Dr. and Mrs. Gandhi, Vipassana teachers appointed as acharyas by Goenkaji.

On July 19, 2002, during the 2002 tour of North America, Goenkaji honored the MVA by visiting the group in Brighton, Michigan. Goenkaji decided to give Anapana to the students attending the course. Goenkaji was very keen on the prospects for developing a Vipassana meditation center in Michigan. During the brief visit he recommended that the site be secured for conducting courses and establishing a center.

The Michigan Vipassana Association is a registered non-profit, charitable organization whose sole purpose is to provide Vipassana courses to the public. It attempts to fulfill this obligation by organizing meditation courses for adults and children on a continued basis.


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