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Course Types

Ten-day courses are an introductory course to Vipassana Meditation where the technique is taught step-by-step each day. The course begins after a 2-4pm registration period and orientation, followed by 10 full days of meditation, and ends the morning of the 11th day by 7:30am. See the Code of Discipline for more details, and then complete the application form.

Children's courses are open for all children aged 8-12 years old who wish to learn to meditate. Their parents/guardians do not have to be meditators. Visit our Childrens Course page for information and application forms.

Old Student short courses (1-3 days) are for any student who has completed a 10-day course with S. N. Goenka and his assistant teachers. We encourage you to apply if it has been some time since your last course. One-day courses are from 8am-5pm. Longer courses begin at 2-4pm the first day and end by 7:30am or 5pm the last day. Please review the Code of Discipline, and then complete an application form.


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